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Paid Search

You pay money to get to the top of Google and drive highly qualified traffic to your site. It's expensive to be seen, we get that. That's why we ensure every impression counts for your business.


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Paid media can include search, social, video, banner ads and more. This is typically used to drive qualified traffic to your website, NOW. Click below to learn more about paid media, what it is, and how we use it.


How do I get my site to rank better on Google? It's the most common question we hear when working with new clients. Have you ever asked that question and wondered the answer?


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a mixture of tactics that help your website rank better on Google. There are different tactics that all agencies use, some better than others. See how we think about and what we have done for other clients.

Social Media

Who isn't on social media these days? No one can say their audience isn't on social media anymore, the real question is, how do you go about targeting your audience on social media.


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Social platforms are the only place where consumer willingly submit their information. Think about it, would it be easy to serve you ads based on the pages you like on your profile? See how we use social media platforms to target our client's audiences, driving home success.


With today's technology and as much data that's available, those "annoying" banner ads don't need to be annoying, they just need to be targeted to a better audience. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to leverage powerful data to be able to track your soon to be customers?


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If you're looking to scale your business and find new customers, this is the channel for you. Target people who buy from your competitor, people who frequent types of locations, and more. See how we leverage today's data to scale new business for our clients!


How much do you pay 1 employee a month? How much would you pay that employee if you were able to fine tune it into a selling machine that was selling for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Think of your website as that employee. In today's world, people are purchasing and connecting with businesses online more and more every day.


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Your customer has an online journey, from the research phase down to the purchase. Your website needs address any and all questions about your product or service during that customer journey. See some sites we've built and redesigned to incorporate our client's customer journey into their website.

Our Team

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Growing businesses is my passion. Digital marketing is how I've been able to "work" in my passion. Let's chat and see how we can work together!


Web Designer/PPC Guru
Over the years of working in the industry, I realized I had a talent. That talent is to be crazy good at driving highly qualified traffic to sites. I now continue working on PPC but I also help build our clients highly converting websites. It's like a video game, I try to leave the office every day with a new high score.
Koltons Headshot

Kolton Mero

Website Specialist
Being the youngest on the team, I have the expertise when it comes to the younger generation. I know what kids want out of a site and I'm excited to bring that expertise to the table when building a site for you.

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